Members, allies, and all who believe in public higher education welcome

Now in the final weeks of negotiations, it has become clear that WMU’s idea of fair compensation remains far away from the realm of acceptable. In fact, despite the salary sacrifices faculty made last year — including a temporary pay reduction and forgoing a raise — WMU continues to advance a lowball offer. At this critical moment, we need you, and your colleagues, family, friends, and allies, to show up to support our negotiation team, and to demonstrate your determination to get a fair contract.

When: Wednesday, August 18, convening at 9:30
Where: Outdoors, on the grounds of Montague House, 814 Oakland Drive (ample WMU permit parking available very nearby)
Other details: Got a red shirt? Extra credit if you wear it! And remember to contact colleagues, and also to bring friends and family

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