Share the workload demands you face as a WMU faculty member

Given the incredible variety of responsibilities shouldered by WMU-AAUP faculty across campus, it’s probably inevitable that gaps of understanding arise about the variety of work we do. And since “strength in unity” becomes more durable in a context of mutual appreciation, sharing our workload stories with one another can help us address internal conflicts and withstand external threats.

With that in mind, we invite you to tell us what you see as especially distinctive about your teaching/research/service load that may not be readily apparent to WMU colleagues, including administrators. Could you share an example in one or more of the three categories that might help others learn more about what keeps you busy at work, especially activities that may not be readily apparent to outsiders?

For example:

Research: “My grant-based research requires the use of facilities WMU doesn’t have. This makes my life incredibly challenging because I have to arrange my research and travel schedule around this equipment availability.”

Teaching: “I’m basically the only person left on campus who specializes in my general area, so I get approached by tons of students outside of my program requesting independent studies.”

Service: “As a member of an underrepresented group, I’m constantly asked by someone (administrator, Kalamazoo community member, student, etc.) to be on some committee, speak at an event, or be an informal mentor.”

Now it’s your turn. What do you want faculty colleagues and administrators to know about the not-so-obvious professional demands on your time and energy?

A demanding aspect of my research, and scholarly and creative activity that may not be apparent to faculty in other departments or colleges is:

An aspect of my teaching work that is different demanding from the teaching labor of lots of other WMU professors is:

In terms of my service responsibilities (to department, college, university, discipline, etc.), what other faculty members may not fully appreciate is:

Please send your responses by campus mail to the WMU-AAUP at Montague House (Mail Stop: 5401), or email to All responses will be kept confidential.

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