As we all know, many of our students haven’t learned much about what professors really do or about our shared governance role at WMU as members of the WMU AAUP. With that in mind, we’ve compiled some bullet points that might be helpful in communicating with students who want to learn more.

What faculty do:

• Teach, mentor, and collaborate with students

• Provide a top-quality educational experience

• Serve the university and the community

• Design and conduct cutting-edge research

• Produce award-winning scholarly and creative work

What we stand for:

• Academic excellence

• Higher education as a public good

• Shared governance

• Academic freedom

• Educational quality and affordability

What we are fighting for:

• Fair working conditions on campus and beyond

• The value of your degree now and in the future

• Affordable higher education

• Institutional priorities that put education first

• A secure future for students, alumni, faculty and staff

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